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Marketing and Communications

IHC 2024 Flyer Request
Flyer requests will be accepted until June 7, 2024.

Guidelines for IHC24 flyers:
• Flyers are created by the PCAFI graphics design team only. Auxiliaries may not create flyers or have them outsourced to be created. Only flyers created by the design team will be shown on the PCAFI platforms. 
• Flyers are created at no charge
• Flyers are digital only
• Requests must be submitted on the form (no verbal or email requests)

• A 7-day turnaround time is needed for completion
• Submitters will receive one opportunity for review and changes
• Flyers will be created for seminars, group excursions, and other IHC24 activity (excluding business sessions, rehearsals, and personal group outings).


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