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Atlantic Regional Conference U.S.
Bishop Vernon Spinks, Diocesan
Suffragan Bishop George Dobbin, Chairman

California Northwest District Council U.S.

Bishop T. David Dockery, Diocesan

Bishop John Smith, Jr., Chairman

* Cameroon Region

Pastor Betty Carl

Eastern and Southern States Council U.S.

Bishop John T. Leslie, Jr., Diocesan

Bishop Gilbert Edwards, Chairman

European Continent Region

Bishop Jenivah Mpofu


Florida State Council U.S.
Bishop George Dawson, Diocesan


Ghana West Africa Region

Bishop Frimpong Manso

Great Lakes Conference U.S.
Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., Council Bishop;

Diocesan of Canada
Bishop James Buford, Diocesan of Michi
District Elder Benjamin Jones, Chairman

Greater Mountain States Conference U.S.

Bishop Michael E. Ford, Jr, Diocesan

District Elder Andre O'Neal, Jr., Chairman

Illinois State Council U.S.

Bishop J.E. Moore, Diocesan

Suffragan Bishop Melvin Campbell, Sr.


India Region

District Elder Franklin Paul

Indiana State Conference U.S.
Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., Diocesan
Suffragan Bishop J. Glenn Purnell, Chairman

Kenya Diocese

Bishop Wilson Madegwa



Liberian Diocese

Bishops Francis Birr and Bishop Allen White 

New York, Pennsylvania, and

New England States Council U.S.

Bishop Clarence J. Turner, Diocesan

Suffragan Bishop Frankie Quinn, Chairman

* Nigeria Region

Bishop Kenneth Raymond

Northern Haitian Diocese

Bishop Samuel Julsain Blanc


Pakistan Region

District Elder Wilson Nawab


Rwanda Region

Bishop Ntuyahera Francis

Southeastern District Council U.S.

Bishop Winston Singleton, Sr., Diocesan

Bishop Robert Fortson, Sr., Chairman

Southwestern District Council U.S.

Bishop John Jeffrey, Sr., Council Bishop; Diocesan of Arkansas and Chairman

Bishop Allen Edwards, Diocesan of Oklahoma

Tennessee Alabama Georgia Regional Conference U.S.
Bishop Jonathon Pulliam, Diocesan
District Elder David Settles, Chairman

Texas State Council U.S.
Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., Interim Diocesan
District Elder Charles E. Lyles, Chairman

Tri-State Conference U.S.

Bishop James Chapman, Diocesan

Bishop Michael E. Ford, Jr., Chairman

Uganda & Tanzania Region

Bishop Wilson Madegwa

Upper Midwest District Council U.S.

Bishop Jerry Baldwin, Diocesan

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