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Bishop Samuel N. Hancock Timeline
Samuel Nathan Hancock is born November 9 in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky, to John and Charlotte Hancock.
Hancock migrates with his family to Indianapolis, Indiana, at the age of five.
Hancock marries Bertha Valentine (d. 1913). Two children are born to this union: Norlin Winifred (1909-1964) and Emma Geraldine (1911-1921).
1. Hancock marries Annie W. Williams (d. 1938).
2. Hancock receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost on September 5 under Garfield T. Haywood, and by extension, becomes affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW).
On March 6, Hancock, along with Haywood and hundreds of others, submits to rebaptism in the name of Jesus, subscribing to the Oneness theology.
Hancock becomes assistant pastor to Haywood at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly in Indianapolis which Haywood founded in 1909.
Hancock moves to Detroit, Michigan, to assume the pastorate of a small mission, vowing to “Do a great thing in Detroit.”
Hancock's church moves to 2238 Clinton Street, later expanding to 2254 Clinton Street. Ultimately, the church grows to more than 3,000 parishioners, becoming the renowned Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church.
Hancock is elevated to the bishopric by the PAW.

Hancock becomes affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ (PAJC), a failed merger of the Pentecostal Ministerial Alliance (previously named the Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ) and the PAW. After the merger fails, the PAW restores its charter under Bishop Samuel Grimes. Hancock remains with PAJC for a while.

Under Hancock's direction, Clinton Street's all-saints senior citizens home for aged women is erected in Detroit.

Hancock returns to the PAW.

1. Hancock marries Ida Louise Howard Haywood (d. 1954), widow of Bishop G.T. Haywood, who died in 1931. 
2. Under Hancock's direction, Clinton Street's 3-story Temple Rest Home dormitory for girls is erected in Detroit.

Hancock marries Anna Bell Davis Douglas (d. circa 1960), widow of Bishop Floyd I. Douglas.

Hancock separates from the PAW and organizes the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Association (PCAF).
Hancock travels to Liberia, W. Africa to organize the PCAF Liberia Board of Bishops.
Hancock marries Bertha Jackson on October 14.

The Clinton Street church purchases the Jewish Synagogue, Shareey Zedek, at 2900 Chicago Blvd.
1. Hancock leads the church to its new location on March 10.
2. Bishop Samuel Nathan Hancock dies on August 18.
Other outstanding achievements of Bishop Hancock:
• Designed the PCAF logo in 1957.
• Opened a supermarket to assist the saints and others during the Great Depression.

• Erected a neighborhood workshop to train boys in wood crafting.
• Designed a teaching chart titled “Revelation of the Ages” that explains the rise and fall of man from Genesis to Revelation.
• Wrote The Great Godhead, The Marriage and Divorce Question in the Church, and countless other articles for the Voice in the Wilderness and other periodicals.
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