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Join the PCAFI
Thank you for your interest in PCAFI membership. We are a denomination that seeks to prayerfully and innovatively advance God's Kingdom for maximum impact while remaining true to our distinctive Apostolic Pentecostal heritage. As a member, you become a part of the lifeblood of our great ever-growing body of believers.  We look forward to connecting with you!
If you are a individual member of a PCAFI church looking to renew your membership, a PCAFI church administrator of an existing PCAFI church, or a new church looking to join the PCAFI, use the button below to start the journey!
Membership Categories and Fees
Youth 13-17 $2.00
Adult 18+ $5.00
Personal worker $10.00
Junior deacon $10.00
Deacon $20.00
Local minister/teacher $25.00

Licensed minister/teacher $50.00
Ordained minister/teacher $75.00
Pastor $100.00
District Elder $125.00
Honorary Bishop
Suffragan Bishop $175.00
Bishop (boardroom member) $200.00
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