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Marketing and Communications

IHC 2023 Flyer Request
Flyer requests will be accepted until July 14, 2023.
Guidelines for IHC23 flyers:
• Requests must be submitted on the form
• Flyers are created at no charge
• Flyers are digital only

• A 7-day turnaround time is needed for completion
• Submitters will receive one opportunity for review and changes
• Flyers exclude business sessions, rehearsals, or personal group outings

Guidelines for flyers created outside of PCAFI Marketing
• Auxiliaries may create their own flyers or have them outsourced
• See publications for required elements on the flyer
• Auxiliaries are not permitted to use Presiding Bishop Gates' photo on the flyers
• Flyers are subject to review and approval by Marketing

• A 48-hour turnaround time is needed for review
Flyers that do not meet these guidelines will not be displayed on the PCAFI website or social sites

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